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The Deutsche Bank

The Deutsche Bank or German bank is a global banking company that offers financial services. Its main headquarters is located in the Deutsch Bank Twin Towers that is located in Frankfurt. The Bank is well known Europe, the America’s and Asia-Pacific. It is also the largest foreign exchange dealer in the world and holds twenty-one percent of market shares.

The Bank offers financial products and services both for institutional and corporate clients as well as private and business clients. The services that the banks offer include sales, trading, researching and origination of debt and equity.


Deutsch Bank was established in 1870 in Berlin and was founded by Siemens and Halske and Adelbert Delbrück and L. Bamberger, in hopes that the bank will mainly function in the marker for foreign trade. German importers and exporters back then were dependent upon English French banking institutions in the world market, because German Bills were not known in international trade and was mostly ignored in the market therefore its worth were much more discounted  than English or French Bills.

After many years of hardships and challenges,that was brought up by the World War II and the leadership of Adolf Hitler. The German Bank first gained its minority interest in 1999. In 2001, the Deutsche Bank was listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has been slowly but surely been growing into a huge success.


The Deutsch Bank, as a leading global Bank has become the most systematically important bank in the financial system. All systematically important banks in the world are all linked together with the global markets, together with other firms work in symmetry in order to avoid a widespread of financial crises. Although in recent events, the Deutsche Bank has been brought into its shares crashing to record lows due the Brexit. It is still in the IMF’s most important banks.

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