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Trade with the Best, Trade with FM-fx

FM-fx is an online trading broker that works with professionalsin web-commerce and financial trading to ensure the most efficient trading experience for its clients.


FM-fx regards its clients as the most important resource they have so they make sure that its clients can rest easy with the security and comfort it provides.
It operates at a global level allowing the flexibility its clients need to be able to trade wherever they are.
Customer support is available to help 24 hours a day in 5 days a week with concerns about not only forex, but also stocks, commodities and indices.

FM-fx knows how just how to better their services for both novice and experienced traders so sign up with FM-fx to benefit from their expertise.
FM-fx offers its clients three trading platforms from the very popular MetaTrader 4 to their very own Mobile trading app.

Security of Funds

FM-fx knows just how important it is to protect their client’s funds are this they are in a continued effort to give their investors a very secure trading environment in order for them to trade with a peace in mind that their money is in safe hands.

FM-fx follows a strict safety protocol when handling funds:

  1. The funds of its clients must be separated from its operating funds.
  2. This is to make sure that if FM-fx goes bankrupt the funds of the clients will not be used to pay off creditors.
  3. The funds of the clients must only be deposited in established banking institutions.
  4. A regular inspection by expert accounting firms must be undertaken to all of the financial operations of FM-fx
  5. FM-fx must stick to a rigid anti-money laundering and fraud prevention regulations.
  6. FM-fx must always use the latest sophisticated cyber protection methods available such as SSL encryption through a secure web protocol.
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