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Boeing’s consistent gains and starting solid this 2017

Boeing is the leading producer of commercial jetliners and space, security and defence systems in the world; it is also considered as the biggest aerospace company. With clientele’s in more than 150 countries, it is America’s largest manufacturing transporter supporting U.S. government allied airlines. Boeing’s overall Q4 earnings in 2016 are about $94.6 billion.

With productivity, execution and quality as their target, Boeing delivered a total of 185 airplanes in Q4 and 748 in 2016 as a whole. On the same year, they won 288 net orders in Q4 and 668 for the whole year wrap.

Boeing 2016 in numbers

Boeing attained a total of $23.3 billion on their Q4 earnings and revenue, and core earnings per share of $2.47 than last 2 years $1.60. Their 2016 Q4 debts are lower with $7.1 billion versus $8.1 billion on the same year’s Q3. Meanwhile Boeing Capital Corporation (BCC) had a debt of $2.9 billion, higher than Q3’s $2.4 billion.

Due to Boeings outstanding operating performance and lasting disciplined money management, they had about $10.5 billion on operating cash flow, better than last years $9.4 billion. Boeing paid $2.8 billion in dividends on its repurchased $55 million shares in 2016 for $7 billion.

Fiscal supervisions for 2017

Boeing allotted $90.5 billion to $92.5 billion for revenue, $9.10 to $9.30 on core earnings per share (EPS), $10.75 billion on operating cash flow and $2.3 billion on capital expenditures.

Boeing beats analyst’s expectations

In January 25, 2017, Boeing exceeded its predicted Q4 earnings. The companies earning per share was $2.47 versus $2.32 analyst’s expectation. Boeing’s revenue made $23.3 billion versus $23.1 billion analyst’s expectation. In addition, its stocks ascended 1.43 percent at $162.85 in pre-market-trading.

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